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LENA MARY CALHOUN HORNE was a black actress, singer, dancer and civil rights activist. She began performing at the Cotton Club as a teenager until moving on to land several Hollywood roles; she was eventually blacklisted in Hollywood due to her political views. Horne participated in the March on Washington, served in several organizations including the NAACP and The National Council of Negro Women whilst maintaining a successful music career. She also worked alongside Eleanor Roosevelt to establish anti-lynching laws. Lena Horne passed away in May of 2010 of heart failure #history #music #civilrights #BlackHistoryMonth

Sophia Stewart, the African-American author of The Matrix, won a 6yr dispute in February 2013 against the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver, and Warner Brothers for copyright infringement. The movie was based on Stewart’s manuscript “The Third Eye” (1981) which she submitted to an ad placed by the Wachowski Brothers who were requesting new sci-fi works. Read the whole story here:

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